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Specialty food expert, writer, lover of three-tined forks


The "she" in she craves is Vanessa Chang.

I am a food lover, food writer, and food expert.I guess, you could say I am a food nerd.

I write this blog to give the hungry and curious folks on the interwebs a resource for food:
* Recipes
* Insight (not always beauty shots, folks; there are plenty of disasters and lessons learned, too)
* History/Biology/Flavor Notes = Nerd Speak
* Things that inspire and irk me in the food world
* Places to go/eat/experience
* Things you should really put in your mouth

My work has appeared in the New York Times, Gourmet magazine, Sunset, VIA, Edible Wasatch, Culture and Wine Enthusiast Online among others.

I am pragmatic. So I don't mind the occasional sponsorship and help to pay the fees to run this thing. As long as you or your product doesn't suck.

During the day, I preach pork. At night I'm found doing one of the following:

I teach classes -- tasting and cooking.

I consult -- good food (and communicating it) isn't rocket science, but it isn't easy.


Cacao, Rothko, and three-pronged forks. Road trips. Eating. Eating. And eating.