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    welcome to the land of the blogs! so where's the jello belt? is it somewhere near the church picnic (bible) belt?


    Thanks for the welcome! My first visitor :)

    Indeed, the Jell-O belt sits next to the belly of the bible belt--I'm writing from good old Utah where ice cream, Jell-O and Prozac make up a considerable part of the average diet.

    It's a fascinating place. And really, the food (beyond the orange jello carrot salad) is quite good. You just need to know where to look and what to do with it.


    Welcome to the crazy world of food blogging! I hope you brought your appetite with you. Linked here from Love your first post. Have even already learned something--I don't live in the Jell-O belt. (Was sure it must be nearby, but then again I think there might be more Cool Whip fans here. . . or fried pie fans. : )Looking forward to reading more.


    Food is really the only thing that releases my anxiety. That may explane my "robust" figure. I'm looking forward to reading the rantings of a foodie with a little attitude. Good luck V, and BLOG ON!


    Welcome to blogerland! =o) I am a huge fan of jello salads though I never make them. Crazy, I know, but at potlucks, you'll always see me with a pile of the stuff!

    We live in the Bay Area right now. Food here is well nigh incredible. We will soon be moving to North Carolina. I'm not sure about what I'll be finding there, but I can say this.... SHRIMP!!!!! ;o)


    Welcome to the crazy blogsphere from Germany too. Just dropped by and already learned something new: I never knew there was a Jello-belt but now I do!

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