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    sounds wonderful, and i am borrowing your reasoning about cream and osteoporosis...

    also reminds me i must go check the lemon curd chilling in the refrigerator... it was looking a bit thin for some reason...


    I would die for an ear of white sweet corn, they don't exist here in Northern Italy. I miss the 10 ears for a dollar I used to get in Seattle.


    Gia, sweet white corn is utterly addictive. It's shame more of Europe doesn't embrace with a sweet-toothed addictions as we do here :)
    Where in northern Italy are you?


    Congratulations on your first full-fledged post! And wow, isn't it a delicious one. What a shindig--and a fun read. Looking forward to more.


    P.S. Thanks so much for listing a link to Farmgirl Fare. I've been meaning to add She Craves to my blog roll. Soon. . . : )


    I am in Piemonte, Torino to be exact. The home of barbera, barolo, truffles, moscato d'asti and more.


    what a delicious place to live! I didn't get to spend much time in there--I was having fun eating my way around other places in the country. another reason to go back and visit different towns. so much food. so little time...

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