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    lol your story is hilarious although I feel your pain, I would have been terribly aggreviated, but hey..atleast you didn't have high expectations yanno??

    Definitely an interesting approach to cooking salmon..Sorry it didn't work out better for you...better luck next time maybe? lol


    Interesting idea. My brother did a post on his wireless technology blog about cooking an egg with two cell phones. I think I will stick to a stove. More predictable.


    I just love this! Too good to be true! Thanks for stopping by and commenting at Luccullian so that I could discover YOUR blog!!

    dwight yee I admire the adventure, but am not surprised at the results...Well, at least you caught it in time...imagine salmon remnants being swirled around the inner tub, against all those dishes?


    Vanessa--Brilliant post topic, brilliant write-up, great pictures!!


    OMG, that's hilarious. With poached salmon too, the one dish you really do need to monitor cooking time to make sure the salmon doesn't get overcooked.


    That is absolutely hysterical. Major points for bravery!

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