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    Does it begin with a K? :)


    kalyn of course!!! TOOOOOOO EASY!


    Its Kalyn!!
    I was just at her blog 2 minutes ago!!!



    I couldn't find you via Google or Blogger, so I went to you and Kalyn's "liaison's" (Lisa) blog and picked you out of her blogroll -- first guess was right!


    So glad you guys met and can get Utah rolling on the foodie stuff!


    Ahh this is such a cool idea!! I only wish I had a fellow food blogger nearby..I would love to have someone close by to share my food & blogging adventures with that actually understands the addiction/obsession.

    Can't wait to read more about this lovely new partnership!

    btw good luck with those boiled cookies..can't wait to hear how you like them =)


    Wow, you two must've had lots of fun. I love thai food too. I came to search for you earlier on in the day but was too eager to post on Kalyn's and left in a hurry. Sorry. Now that i'm back, just realised from reading the lists of your previous posts that i have actually been here before. How funny! I actually enjoyed then, reading about your salmon experiment.


    I do happen to know who the other food blogger is. I've eaten in the very same restaurant with her. She's my wonderful sister. Now I'm glad I've discovered your blog. Nice work.


    I was just over at her blog bragging about finding you first. :-)


    LOL, this is fun. Thanks everyone for joining in.

    Kitchenmage—yes, you were my very first blog-friend!

    Mae—great to meet you, and what is like in the Channel Islands?!?

    Rand—Thanks, I really appreciate your feedback, Mr. Tech-Genius :) Your sister LOVES you!

    cookiecrumb—thanks for all the effort trying to find me :) i'll get the hang of this web listing thing...

    ilva—you're just in the know!

    Jaay—I'll definitely let you know about the cookies.


    Cool.. its really nice to have some fun in the kitchen.. I got ur link from Sweetnicks...


    Novello/nuovo extra virgin olive oil?

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