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    Vanessa! Is there a food blog writing contest that we could enter this post in? It's a piece of striking brilliance (and more than a little salivation-inducing).

    Left-handers unite!

    Oh, and let's not let Kalyn read this post. I know she's been splurging a little during the holidays, but if you introduce her to your pastry "dealer," she might be off the low-carb wagon for good! ;-)


    Vanessa, the photos of croissants and kouing aman and your writing are making me salivate! As another left-handed cook and a fan of Les Nubians, I salute you.


    Lovely aliteration! You would make Nelson Goodman proud!


    lol such an amusing read. As always I enjoyed your blog =)


    Nice post. Tell Lisa not to worry. If I'm going off the low-carb wagon, I'm more of a fries and fry sauce kind of binger.


    Kalyn—fries and fry sauce with a crown burger? call me if you're going that route. you shouldn't have to do it alone. btw, your chicken cilantro soup was SO good. Just what I needed for a cold day. Thank you!

    Jaay—aw shucks, thanks for the compliment :) funny though when i articulated this entry in conversation with some friends, they just looked at me as if i were cookin' the meth. but bloggers GET IT. And I am so grateful. Your site is so fun. Boiled cookies, y'all!

    Adrienne—Thanks! Now if only my mother would buy that and believe that all the education actually did me any good, ha!

    Brett—Welcome my Bay Area brotha! I came across your site in the food blog noms and I gotta say, I agree with alot of folks, the blog rocks. I still need to go through alot of your photos, but it's sparking some mad wanderlust. You may end up being the bad influence I need.

    LisaSD—You are really kind. Made my night! I don't know if there are writing contests, still alot of blogosphere territory to check out. Someone mentioned the food blog awards and that they have a "new" category, but I think I'm just WAY too new to compete. I'm still getting the hang of blogging. But next year? maybe. And don't worry, I'll steer Kalyn clear of the croissants :)


    those croissants look stomach has officially started rumbling


    I just tagged you for a meme!


    Much like the wonder that is Kouing Aman, these croissants are the best I've ever had anywhere. The perfect balance of crisp, yet soft texture, and rich, buttery flavor makes them impossible to resist! I echo Vanessa's assertion that Romina is a vertiable goddess in the land of pastry in Utah!


    mmmm... very nice. i wish i had some of your lovely croissants it would really go well with my hot chocolate right now.

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