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    Ahh...Hong Kong Tea House...the only chinese restauarant my family now eats at...always helps that my parents and grandparents know the cook, and my grandfather in his traditional chinese way, finds himself wandering back there sometimes, making sure that whatever we have is really, really fresh.


    Looks like a wonderful switch from jello salads & diet coke. I've SO been craving lo mein lately & your delicious photos just add to my craving.

    Your blog is always so yummy =)


    Jaay-Thanks for the compliment! Thinking of the food there makes my mouth water. I really dig your blog, too. You are a certified diva. I would kill for that chocolate cake in the photo!

    Dwight-When you finally leave London, we've gotta hit that place up. Your grandad sounds like my kind of fella :)


    "Sometimes I like food more than men anyway."

    only sometimes? LOL!

    not me. i looove dinner dates, sans the date. ;)

    thanks so much for participating! fun fun, the delicious dishing session will be up by the end of the week (i hope)


    Sounds like a place to go for a good chinese feast.

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