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    that is one crazy looking fruit. i have never seen it before. thanks for sharing.


    What a beautiful fruit!


    Great photos!


    What an interesting post. Good job woman. You're a great photographer.


    Well...will the wonders never cease? And to think, I was thinking it was...well that's just not appropriate for a family site...;)


    I've never seen this fruit before neither had i known it even existed. Fiance even sneaked a peek! I wouldn't even know what to do with it if i ever come accross one. This would certainly be an ornament in my house to replace green apples which i normally have.

    I'm so simple...

    This can also go on the WHB for Kalyn - don't you think? Very interesting.


    Looks like slices of zucchini, breaded and fried.


    LisaSD—Oooh, a fruit of fried zucchinI! don't get me wrong, i love the flavor of fruit, but how cool if we could have fruit (with its low calories and great health benefits) that tasted like french fries? :)

    mae—glad you could see one. I spotted these guys at the market last year. promised myself i'd get some this year after reading up on it. yes, it's an eye-catcher (heavenly scent, too). But no, you are far from simple. Besides, you can eat the green apples.

    Dwight—what a naughty thought!

    kalyn—thanks! it's nice to show folks that we can get different things in utah :)

    farmgirl—i had a great time shooting them. I was at the checkstand when i realized the light would be really good. so i pulled out the digi and ask if could use their back counter and went at it. Yeah, i'm a total food nerd. but i blame it on the blog.

    kathy—it's stunning. i felt bad slicing it up! but it tastes really good, especially with yogurt for breakfast.

    mumu—thanks for visiting the site. the fruit is certainly unique. and wonderfully ancient.


    Ok, when I read the title of this post, I almost choked on my tea. Brilliant. And beautiful too!


    The discovery of fruit like Buddha Hand is certain to heighten one's quest for a reality check when it comes to a diversion from ordinary fruit. If only the masses could experience the beauty of food in its ancient state!

    Thanks for sharing.

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