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    Hey nice job again. You are turning into a pro yourself. Notice that great minds think alike in the choice of cookbook authors. I just ordered his "Three Ancient Cuisine" book (China, Greece, Rome) from Jessica's Biscuit for some incredibly cheap price, I think like $6.99. I'll have to look for this one too. Thank goodness for low carb pasta.


    ohmygoodness!! this totally takes me back. I remember watching the Frugal Gourmet. I don't remember what his assistant looked like tho..hmm now you have me wondering.

    This recipe sounds sooo yummy!! =)


    The Frugal Gourmet!!!!! Used to watch his show all the time when I was a kid - and this penne with vodka sauce sounds sooo familiar! I'm gonna see if my mom still has this cookbook! I bid you peace ---!


    This sounds great. The photo looks so tempting.

    I love the story behind this.


    Sounds totally tasty. Can other alcohol be mixed with tomato sauces? Someone should write a book. Definitely a good story.


    Rep.Dan—I've come across recipes where ouzo was mixed into a tomato-based sauce. wine definitely. other things would be up to the cook. my say—get funky. a book eh? know a publisher?

    mae—i totally forgot about the anecdote until i opened up the cookbook for the weekend challenge. and when i found my notes all over it, the memories came flooding back.

    Rorie—ha! I love it! you just need a glass of wine to toast the viewer as you say it. It's a great cookbook. Too bad what happened to Mr. Smith toward the end of his career, though. Yikes.

    Ms. Jaay—Craig was mini. Half the size of Jeff, I venture. Always wore his little chef's coat. But now that i think about it, maybe he was just super hot because he was standing next Jeff Smith :)

    Kalyn—I tried the Dreamfields pasta and it was great. Thanks for the recommendation! Tell me how you like that book—I've been eyeing it on various sites. And hey, congrats on the upcoming podcast!


    Vanessa--Just stopping by to say Merry Christmas and I'll be back online next week. Peace to you and yours!


    Hey, I thought I was the only one that was in love with Craig. One day in about 1993ish I thought I saw him in Little Italy in San Francisco. I kept walking up the street but swore that if he was still there when I got back, I would ask if it was really him, it would be, and we would live happily ever after. Alas, when I turned around he was gone and out of my life forever except for on t.v.


    The pic of your pg 256 in Italian cracks me up. My has a star and "Craig's Bread" written in one inch tall letters. I enjoyed your blog.


    I am a huge Jeff Smith fan, his was the fisrt cook book (cooking with wine)I ever bought as a 13yrd. He was my inspiration to become a chef as I am today in ACY
    and went on to buy all his book along with many others, I was very distrought over allegations surrounding him and his death. He also had his kids on every now and then, I always wondered what Craig was doing now. My latest favorite it Alton Brown...

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