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    This sounds like something I would love. Great photos too.


    Yum, it's like a pissaladiere. The crimini mushrooms are a superb addition.


    Great Pictures! This looks so good.


    ooh this sounds so tasty!! And I must confess I LOVE onions..for me I think onions & garlic are meant to go in everything savory. Fortunately for those who eat my cooking, I've somehow managed to apply self control to my cooking when it comes to both. And that lump you mentioned that has become your post-Thanksgiving belly..don't feel too bad..I have a similar lump now

    I totally agree with what u said on my blog - NOTHING beats a good chocolate chip cookie & I totally think I've found it in the recipe I use :) Thank you SO much for the compliment on the baptism cake..I appreciate that. The cake u mentioned sounds pretty interesting..I feel for the caterer trying to meet the brides requests & expectations on that cake..wOw.


    Oh good god...I think I had an orgasm thinking about those six desserts....damn you and your culinary heaven!


    I remember when Vanessa made one of these for one of Mariani's pool parties a few years ago - the sweetness of the onions is truly surprising! It's a sweet and savory treat that will please just about anyone!


    Vanessa--I love caramelized onions too! My brother in culinary school told me to add a little balsamic vinegar for depth of flavor. I love to pair them with a tangy cheese, such as feta...


    Lisa-What a great idea with the balsamic. I'll need to try it with the next batch. Oooh, feta *drool*

    Scott-We need to have more pool parties...even now. Hot springs, eh?

    Joe-Thanks for the compliment, I love digital technology.


    Yes a tasty recipe for anchovieless pissaladiere. Hmmmn... I dunno, I don't think I could cook that without anchovies on it. Sorry...

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