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    Nice to see you upp and writing and it's also nice to get to know you a bit better through this list! I like everything that you list! But I already suspected that ...


    She's back! Yay! And making me all hungry again...


    I hope this means you are feeling better! Nice to see you back on the list at FPW. You're right about the Red Iguana. I haven't had better Mexican food anywhere. Let's do dinner and go there.


    Welcome back!! Glad to see you're feeling better..

    missed your writing! =)


    Great list! I'm especially with you on the cheese and olives ... and I'm awfully fond of cornichons!


    Glad to hear you're better Vanessa. I love no. 10!

    Lisa--In a Nutshell

    Vanessa's back! Okay, explain the cornichon thing to me...are they little pickles? Because whenever I read the word, I think "cornish hen" and then I'm picturing little birds, but I know that's not it. Geez, what a dork I am.

    And are you and Kalyn REALLY trying to say that the best Mex in the world is in SLC? 'Cause I'm not buying it! I'm just going to need to come out there and see for myself!

    I'm going to refer you to Messy Cucina on the dulce de leche love--she just made scones!


    Hi Vanessa,

    Got here through Mae..

    So your a garlic fanatic too? I'm a caramel and chili's lover. So atleast we have something in common to talk about foods huh!

    I will add you on my link if that's okay with you..



    Hey everyone! It's good to be back blogging—with a vengeance!

    Xtine—welcome! sure, link away. I'm excited to check out your blog.

    LisaSD—Cornish hens, ha! I love it. But you've got it, they're the tiny pickles. That are endlessly cute and edible. Dulce de leche scones? I am there! And I think Kalyn and I stand by our proclamation about the Red Iguana—you will have to come out here so we take you out for a treat!

    Rorie—Something told me we'd have a lot in common :)

    Jaay—It's great to be back and thanks for tagging me for the 7 meme, it was great fun.

    Ilva—This was so fun to put together. I had such a hard time narrowing it down to 10. I liked your list to, it inspired me :)

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