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    Lisa--In a Nutshell

    Several things on that list are sounding very Rorie--you should hear from her shortly.

    As for me, I caught Little Britain once, and those are some crazy/funny SOBs! I've been considering climbing on the Family Guy wagon...I suppose the DVDs are worth a purchase?

    As for the tree-ripened avos...sounds like heaven. I would just like to know if there is some secret avo store that I'm missing, because at Costco and Trader Joe's those things are yellow-green and rock hard, and what's a girl supposed to do who wants an avo TONIGHT? When I buy the hard ones and take them home, they sit on the counter and I forget about them and then they're just gross. I just can't seem to get my timing right. I've even tried pulling off the little stem cap (the guy at the farmers' mkt said to) and putting them in a paper bag with ethylene-spouting bananas and they still don't ripen very quickly. Help me, Vanessa!


    This meme is on my endless todo list. But now so is finding "The Last Question" by Isaac Asimov--what is it if not a book?


    Hooray for Arundhati Roy and The God of Small Things - what a lovely book! And hooray for the Amelie (how DO you do accents in Typepad?) soundtrack which I listen to almost daily! You've got good taste, Vanessa!


    Vanessa, you can come and weed my garden next summer if you want to practice for when you get to grow your own.


    Hi Vanessa: Good list. I have to boast that my mom and dad used to own property that was formerly an avocado orchard, and we ate tree-ripened avos right off the tree *all the time*!
    You will be pleased to know, though, that they don't taste any different from the average ripe avocado (certainly not an over-the-hill stinky one).
    Lisa!! You live in San Diego. Can you not get good avocados? Just place them in your knife drawer or somewhere that you look into often (so you don't forget about them). They'll get perfectly soft. No banana required.


    Lisa—I like the DVDs. If anything, check them out at blockbuster or netflix to see if you jive with the humor. Alot of cultural observations with tangential humor. But SO funny! As for the avocados, cookiecrumb has some sage advice.

    cookiecrumb—oh, you lucky lucky girl! it's good to know that I may not be missing out on too much with the off-the-tree avocado. But living with a whole grove full of them? In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: "Lucky!"

    kitchenmage—"The Last Question" is a short story by Asimov that has made it into some Sci-Fi collections, including several he's edited called "The Best Science Fiction Stories." It's short and doesn't have alot of fantasy things to make it unbearable. But the last line made me think, "wow."

    Rorie—Lol, glad you like my selections. It just makes sense to surround yourself with things that make you happy and stimulate you to be a better person. And really, Yann Tiersen's music does that for me. For accents, I work on a MAC so there are so you can key in a command for the accents and TypePad can read them.

    Kalyn—Ha! Just try calling me next summer... :)

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