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    Now THIS is something I'll have to make! Ans SOON!


    OH MY GOD!!!!


    two of the greatest things in the world coming together...brilliant.


    Is it bad that I've never actually had crystalized ginger?? I like ginger..but I can't imagine these candies because I've never actually had just ginger.

    I trust that it was a hit tho definitely =)



    This sounds delish. Ginger and chocolate.....

    Btw, i've tagged you for the common cold remedies. Please share.


    Mmmmmmm....chocolate and ginger. I've been working hard to perfect a good ginger brownie.


    Ilva—Let me know how you like them. And they go really well with espresso :)

    Rorie—I know!

    BNA—Serendipity, I call it. It seems like a no-brainer now, but until I opened the pantry, I never wudda thunk it...

    mae—fun, another meme! Definitely count me in. Give me a few days though...

    sara—welcome! let me know when you do perfect that recipe. I may attempt to make brownies...

    Jaay—No, it's not terrible at all! It makes the discovery all the more fantastic. Imagine fresh ginger root cooked in sugar syrup until it's soft and chewy, the consistency of a jelly bean, even!

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