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    hahaha! Yeah sounds like good thing he is your gay boyfriend.


    isn't that the best thing...someone to pay, without any sexual favors? I'm still looking for that....btw, how many of those gay boyfriends do you have?

    Lisa--In a Nutshell

    LOL! I need a gay boyfriend. My old one is in Texas. Where does a boring old suburban housewife find a fag to be a hag to?


    Jaay—Yeah, they're the best thing sometimes *phew*

    Dwight—About 7. It's sad and extraordinary at the same time. Who knew SLC was a gay mecca?

    LisaSD—The proper term is "fruit fly." My dear, we are TOO fabulous to be "hags." I have many gay boyfriends you could "adopt." They are fantastic, I don't know what I would do without them (and of course, i love them for who they are. They just happen to be gay and out in SLC, which takes cajones in my book.) When you come over to SLC for mexican food, I'll bring the harem along :)


    Any of them cute? ;)


    LOL..can you adopt one of them out to me also please??? Or hey..I'll take a straight one..I'm not gonna be picky lol

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