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    Oh, Vanessa, i'm cracking up in laughter! My stomach is starting to hurt - i have to stop! My curious Fiance is worryingly staring at me... so i had to read it out loud and he laughed too. I too i think may be suffering from auto-Petewellsian bloggorrhea... wow. love. your. originality. girl! not to mention this yummy looking sandwich - can i take a bite?

    Well written. well done.


    Wow! Wonderfully creative writing. I bet you got all A's in composition in school. The sandwich sounds wonderful too.


    I'm so happy. Thank goodness you stood up to those so-called "doctors"! I've been diagnosed by several of those ass-hat researchers myself--but I'm still blogging strong. And off to eat some cheese. Love ya ;)


    ROFLMAO! That is truly hilarious ... I love it! Well said and ate.


    Good God. Ok, I've heard of honey with cheese, but this is honey with cheese on steroids. I've never had ginger preserves, but I'm preeeetty sure my husband would hurt the innocent for a jar.

    And thanks, it's not that often that I make a successful change to a baking recipe :D




    I just spit my beer out on my keyboard I'm laughing so hard!


    Oh, and yum.

    Gustad Mody

    brie. hahaha


    Dude. Awesome. We who are about to ravage the city looking for ginger preserves salute you.


    LMFAO. Vanessa, I've said it time and time again. You ALWAYS crack me up. I imagine you constantly have your friends in the Jell-o Belt laughing hystarically.

    Leave it to you to come up with some a witty and original post. Fantastic!!


    I've never seen ginger preserves before. Sounds yummy..especially with Brie!


    What a truly inspired combination of flavors! From what I've read so far, I can already tell I'm going to like this blog :-)

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