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    OMG V those look AMAZING!!! I luv her clever names for the cupcakes. Reminds me of some of the names I've given my creations. I don't even like tequila but I can imagine this whole night was sooooo much fun! Makes me wish I lived in the Jello Belt with y'all lol

    Btw..I just got the mail & it was sooooo yummy! =) Thank u sooo much I was thrilled! Hopefully your mail will be equally yummy in a few days!! Have a great weekend!


    Hey happy birthday Vanessa. Hope it was a good one.


    Sounds and looks absolutely delicious! Happy Birthday!


    Margarita cupcakes?!! Are you kidding me? Seriously? You wicked, wicked girl. I must have one. Happy Bday, Vanessa!


    Cheese Sandwich day - February 16. Pass it on.


    OMG wait..I'm so slow..This was for your birthday wasn't it?? lol Forgive my blonde



    Damn...I miss all the fun food makes me so sad...Glad that you had a rocking birthday though...:)


    Jaay—lol, no worries on the "blonde" moment. I was more focused on the cupcakes anyway, they're much more interesting than me :) and I'm so glad that you liked the ginger!

    Rorie—see what treats await in the Jell-o belt?

    Kalyn—thanks. and i'm in for the 16th.

    dwight—give it time. soon, we will overtake the world with good fashion and design sense and fantastic food.

    Lisa--In a Nutshell

    Romina sounds like a VERY good friend! Happy Bday!


    Happy Birthday Vanessa! Looks like you had a great time!


    Happy, happy Birthday! Those cupcakes look amazing!!


    Hey V-did you see your cupcakes on Blogher?


    Hi - I found your blog via blogher. I also had a birthday this week and also had a cupcake party. Mine was cupcakes and champagne which is a great combination (margaritas sound so good too). Fifteen bottles of champagne and 5 dozen cupcakes later, I think everyone had a good time (ha!). I wish I'd thought of having people decorate their own but I fear my carpet wouldn't have survived. Happy birthday!


    My God, lime curd? That was an instant saliva trigger.


    happy birthday v-chang! Love ya!


    Happy Happy Birthday.
    I love that picture of the cupcake - it makes me smile.


    hey there. Happy birthday. I like your blog. Keep up the efforts! I added a link to yours on mine. I hope you dun mind. Shaz, a fellow food blogger from Singapore.


    Hey V, for some reason I keep forgetting to save your e-mail address so I have to communicate with you this way! Anyway, I found another Utah food blogger, in Bountiful. Check out Erin Eats on Food Porn Watch. When my life settles down I'm going to have the two of you over for dinner. (I see a Utah Food Bloggers Network in the works here.)


    hey v, thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you around more. really nice shots you got.


    Hi Vanessa, thanks for your comment on Tea and Cookies. What a gorgeous blog you have! I love your photos. Happy birthday--these cupcakes sound and look scrumptious! I hope you do post the recipe at some point:-)


    Ooops! Sorry!


    How it shows my non-blogging recently. Those cupcakes looks great - love the umbrella.

    What a great idea to replace traditional birthday cakes... at least this way, everyone can just dig in - no mess. love it.

    Katherine Mancino

    I am hosting a "fiesta" baby shower in a month and found your blog by searching for fiesta cupcakes. Your margarita cupcakes would be perfect! If you can get the recipe from your friend I'd be eternally grateful!


    I made these cupcakes this weekend and they were to die for! Thanks so much for the recipe!


    I stumbled across your blog while I was doing some online research. It seems like cupcakes used to be the domain of wee ones with milk mustaches. Now they've come into their own with sophisticated adult-taste versions!

    Noreen Helvie

    Can you email me the lemon curd recipe? Much appreciated. I am going to make this for one of my boss' birthday!

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