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    Hmmm...behind on schedules...I've never had that problem...oh wait...I come from a family where, one year, they forgot my birthday, believing they still had a few days before any necessary arrangements would be needed...

    One day I will live near enough to you to partake in your feasts...even if they only be fruit and some nice cheese....

    Hamlet Sweeney

    I love your blog. Very nice. Do you write about food professionaly? It's a step I'm taking at the moment. Any advice would be appreciatted and welcomed!


    Boy do I know a thing or two about being behind. That is my constant state of being here. Your pictures and writing are always delightful! Nice enough to make me pause for thought to realize that life is much more than school, stress, and deadlines. Fine meats and cheeses are things to be plenty happy about!


    I can relate to you on these. I'm faced with deadlines at work and am now even having nightmares about it in my sleep! No wonder am so rundown with cold.

    You take it easy V, me, i might just run to the shops and get me some of these therapeutic fine meats and cheeses for lunch (that's if i have time to take a lunch break!)

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