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    a l i c e

    Gurl, Koreans in Utah? WTF?! Damn, well, now I'm hooked (this is my first visit, won't be my last). You go, sista!

    Signing off (for now) from Boston,

    a l i c e


    Damn you...damn you and your delicious cakes...making me all hungry at 10 in the morning...and for something so liquour mormon heritage is trying to remind me of its evils, but all I want to do is make this recipe, and as a side project, build an alcohol tolerance. How bad is that?


    Boozy buttercream? Yum.


    hi vanessa. thanks for the recipe and the link to my blog. I've been itching to use my kitchenaid mixer which is sitting pretty on my kitchen countertop.


    Thank you, ma'am.

    Hamlet Sweeney

    Why can't the shop on my corner sell those little babies!?



    That sounds like a great party cupcake. How fun! I wish I had seen this post earlier. I just made lemon curd (all gone!) on Monday.


    i'm glad that everyone can enjoy this. if you make them, let me know how they turn out.


    Thanks so much for the recipe, Vanessa! I just emailed this to a friend with the note: "these are the cupcakes I want for my next birthday." Yummy yum. I may not be able to wait that long~


    Did you fill these with the lime curd or put it on top and fill with buttercream? Maybe I didn't read so carefully, but my mouth is watering just thinking of them! I am a food lover in New York, who formerly lived in Utah. I love your site!


    Mmm! I love lime margaritas, I never thought to do a cupcake version.

    /goes off to create Pina Colada confection.


    can we use regular cake mix from the store and just add in the tequila and grand marnier???


    It looks delicious! I can't make such good recipes. To complicated! I have a recipe with watermelon.

    Chinese Noodles Recipe

    Wow, the cooking method of this dish is great, I'll try it later and I hope it tastes the way it look. Thanks for sharing!


    Love it!

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