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    Those pictures of the seeds, pork and sage all roasted up? Yep, absolute food porn. I could eat the entire batch like it was trail mix, though I'm sure it was lovely on the squash risotto.

    Ok, I admit it, I had to look up "Guanciale".


    What a brilliant piece. Since Erin admitted it, I will too. I have no idea what Guanciale is. Sounds good though.


    When it rains, it pours...and, kiddo, I truly wish I was with you to talk about the shittiness that has been life in the past days and weeks...I could have definitely used some comfort food like yours around this time...


    Never would have thought of using the seeds that way! Wow. I'm a big fan of toasting the seeds with oil on a baking sheet, and just eating them for snacks, but this is truly nose-to-tail eating. Brava!
    (Sounds like you work at a big-city daily!)


    No, now I'm guessing freelance. :)


    um, this post is out of control. what awesome prep pictures and what a fabulous finale!! i've never heard of kabocha, i'm looking it up right now so i can figure out where to get it. this looks like crazy comfort food. oh my god!


    erin & kalyn—if it's worth anything, i had to look up "jowls" when that's what the deli said they were. "pig jowls." it's killer in pasta with fava beans. spring food. though you'd never it was march with the blizzard outside.

    wigetz—there will be good food to enjoy when we amass our collective powers in one city with your bro. cook and live in style, baby.

    cookiecrumb—it's a tidy recipe, though fishing the seeds out of the membranes can be a little time consuming. but this was the recipe to do it for. one thing, though. the leftovers for hte crunchy bits (if there are any) are good except for the seeds. they never regain the crunch unless you fry the whole lot again. at which point you risk burning the sage and petrifying the guanciale.

    mona—thanks very much. Kabocha is by no means the only pumpkin/squash you can use. it's just what i found and what was on sale. another bitch about the job...don't get paid much, ha! let me know how you like it.


    I guess I am that overachiever wondering what I could use my frozen pureed pumpkin for. Hey it's March and I am still eating local products from last summer thanks to that pumpkin.


    I recently toasted some blue hubbard squash seeds... Oh darn. The seeds were so plump and promising, but the hulls were just too chewy to be pleasant. I assume kabocha seed hulls are thinner?
    (Yeah, I'm still obsessing over this.)


    Looks incredible. I was going to use my butternut squash for ravioli but you may have changed my mind.


    Absolutely drool inducing.


    I'm a total sucker for risotto. I also happen to think guanciale is one of the greatest foods ever invented.

    My wife and I regularly make squash risotto (sometimes with sage, other times with leeks), especially in the winter.

    We occasionally make spaghetti alla carbonara, for which guanciale is ideal. We'd make it more often, but it's about the most unhealthy thing a human can digest.

    Great post, great blog.


    I've been on a risotto kick recently and made this last night for dinner. It was sublime! I really loved the textural difference b/t the crunchy toppings and the rich risotto. Mmmmmm!

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