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    Woman, you can really write. I wish I could write like that. Very fun having dinner together.
    The cellophane noodle dish sounds great.


    Now I'm horribly depressed. Dungeness crab was my number one absolute favorite food...until I turned 21 and suddenly became allergic. Sigh.


    OMG, I think you just wrote the beginning of a chapter in my forthcoming memoir. ;-) I too am a food nerd and have entirely too many memories involved with food. I adore crab so I will have to try this recipe soon.


    I give thanks that ginger and garlic pair so mysteriously, so perfectly.
    I also give thanks for your recipe approximation!
    This food nerd, who lives 20 miles north of San Francisco, has never been to the Slanted Door.

    Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

    That looks SO good! I wish I could have this, just right now, for dinner! SO airy and fresh, all things I love!



    *wiping tears from eyes*

    That's some heavy, heady stuff! I can't say that I've ever tasted a Dungeness crab, but when I do, it's going to have some serious benchmarks to attain.


    That looks really good. I'll take a rice vermicelli salad any day. Always so fresh and light, it's happiness.


    I love the ginger pic, what a lovely light! And I like your writing so much, you have a real talent!


    First and foremost, I JUST LOVE THAT CHOPSTICKS! How i would love to have one in that colour - green... need i say more?

    I love noodles and crab... will definitely have a go. Thanks for the recipe.


    I am crying inside...only because I couldn't be there to the food, and the story of the boy you picked up from the airport....


    Yep, you were a born writer, I think. You almost don't need pics, but then your pics are so lovely - you really do take your readers though the experience.

    I look forward to getting together again, I had a great time with you two.


    Tired of shopping at H&M??!! Blasphemy!

    But I do love Dungeness crab & like you I always crave it. I also love The Slanted Door & I am confident that your interpretation was delicious.


    I love your comparison of a food nerd to a band geek. Most of my sentences start "One time I had/ate..." and my husband always follows with "this one time at band camp".

    Now that you've made The Slanted Door sound so magically delicious I have to go there!


    You are not a food nerd ... you are a brilliant food blogger who appreciates good food.

    Beautiful dish and the picture is gorgeous!


    Kalyn—thanks for the compliment. now if only i could it this way when i'm working...

    BNA—that is horrible to hear, talk about withdrawal. you will need to savor your memories :)

    Sara—lol, to my fellow food nerd :) let me know how you like it.

    cookiecrumb—i can't get enough of ginger. as i write this comment, i'm sipping on a hot ginger infusion...i've been feeling a cold coming on, yikes.

    Bea—it was wonderfully light, but so savory. it was just what we needed.

    s'kat—it's my favorite crab. one of the first things i remember seeing my parents eat were dungeness crabs (in the ceviche-like recipe mentioned above). the sound they'd make sucking the meat out of the spindly legs and cracking open the body and having this flaky meat appear was amazing.

    mumu—i definitely felt like having noodles that day. but it's never too heavy.

    ilva—i'll take a photo compliment from you anytime, thank you! as for the writing, when you're passionate about something, it's fun, which is most important, i think :)

    mae—aren't these fun? my friend Romina owns this fun pair. she has orange ones, too!

    dwight—cry not, Archi-hell-tect. there will be more many meals to come.

    Erin—I have been telling EVERYONE about that marscapone concoction and berries! we're going to make some this weekend :)

    Rorie—I know, I know! How could we?!? But admittedly, the one in SF wasn't as grand as the one in NYC (which is to say, something the size of the Vatican). But we were hungry! :)

    Kady—ah so, you feel my pain! but we know we're cool...on the inside, ha!

    Ivonne—ah shucks, make a girl blush :)


    hey that makes us all food nerds!


    ahh...i love ginger, i love crab, i love san francisco, and i love the ferry bldg. and i also love your post about all these things.

    by the way - i am trying to build up a global map of food bloggers. add yourself when you get a chance!


    I love the photo up top. And the story as well. But "inner nerd"? This sounds more like inner food goddess to me!


    Ooooh, were we sharing food nerd psychic waves? I made a glass noodle salad this week too. Yours looks quite delicious and I really enjoyed reading your post!


    shaz—isn't that why we love the blogosphere? nerds unite!

    plum—great to hear from you! forgive me for not visiting your lovely blog more often...the day job is actually making me work! thanks for the compliments :)

    genevieve—I'll definitely add myself to the map!

    MM—great minds think alike :)

    Katy at Pomelo Pleasures

    how funny, I just wrote about memomories and food a little while ago, all of mine revolve around food as well I went to england when I was about 4 and remember only:
    chocolate buttons
    gummy worms on the airplane (briliant father who knows how to keep kids busy)
    ham with fat on the sides
    milk with a higher fat content (it tasted "thick")

    that is about it... And I love your green onion picture, I just got a monster bunch from a friends garden here, if I could only find the rest of the ingredients I might be set. Looks super yum


    Vanessa, lovely post and beautiful noodles...


    Hello, we are now 4 years later.
    I am not even sure if you still look at this blog...
    Here is the recipe, from the chef at the Slanted Door:

    (Serves 2-4 as part of a multi-course meal)
    Dungeness crab is available December-February, and June

    4 ounce package dried cellophane noodles*
    (also called mung bean noodles, mung bean threads, crystal noodles or glass noodles)
    2 tablespoons canola oil
    2 teaspoons minced garlic
    1/2 cup picked Dungeness crabmeat
    1/4 cup green onion, diced into ¼ inch pieces
    1 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce*
    2 tablespoons oyster sauce*
    1/2 tablespoon sesame oil
    3-4 sprigs cilantro leaves for garnish


    and me visting yet another year later... my but that recipe sounds good!


    The noodles you share look so delicious. Hook me up!

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