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    Great photos. And may I say, I really hate the snow!

    Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

    What beautiful colours, orange and chocolate! Love it. Lovely balance!


    I love the photos and I hate how you make me crave chocolate, I'm trying to eat less over here goddammit!

    Katy at Pomelo Pleasures

    oh yum, yes or you can add mint! oh or kaluha oh! or hazelnut extract or! well.. you get the idea. This is all too exciting for me I am going to have to go make some now.


    Oh, it looks amazing! Break out the's time to make some hot chocolate!



    Love hot chocolate. The photos are superb - orange and brown are totally made for each other.


    Kalyn—amen on the snow. enough already. today is NOT helping!

    Bea—thanks for stopping by again. chocolate brown and orange are one of my favorite combinations!

    ilva—ha! i am sorry to be a bad influence :) i won't tempt you with chocolate anymore.

    Katy—hope you enjoyed yours. you have a fun blog. thanks for checking out mine!

    Sara—hot chocolate with booze for a blizzard, baby.

    mae—good to hear from you! hope you are doing well. thanks for the compliment :)

    Hamlet Sweeney

    Hey Vanessa. I honestly think that girls get more from choclate than us boys. I feel cheated!

    Great topic, great words, great pics. As always I guess!

    The pic with the terracotta bowl and the small saucepan is wonderful. I love the way the eye can follow the line of chocolate from bowl to pot. It makes a story in my mind that starts with chocolate and ends with a smile.


    First off - I LOVE that bowl! The color is gorgeous & I'd drink out of it too if I had one like it lol

    Second, a blizzard? burr! that sucks..I hate snow. Your hot chocolate would make all that hate go away very quickly I believe. Looks & sounds delish! =)


    Hot chocolate is about my favorite substance on earth - great post! And I love your orange bowl!

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