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    Well, hell, I think that's the sexiest looking egg that I've ever seen..


    I do agree with Erin, the egg looks great.


    Great pics. I know what you're going through. When I moved in with my husband last year it was heaven not having roommates anymore. Somehow every roommate I ever had (7 overall) was a disaster in the kitchen. At least you still managed to have a great breakfast!


    You know...if you and I were roommates, you would wake up to a clean kitchen every morning, and return to a clean kitchen every evening...I'm just saying, there are options :)


    A couple things amaze me about this entry:
    a) you have time to eat breakfast (and a beautiful looking one at that)
    b) you have time and wherewithall to beautifully photograph said breakfast
    c) you don't go to postal on your slob roommates
    d) the color of them yolks!

    You're my hero. ;-)


    Vanessa, you've just given me such a great idea to wake up to tomorrow! Thank you. I haven't had egg & soldiers for years (wow - it has been that long!).

    The photo looks so tasty i don't know if i can wait til breakfast...

    Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

    This is an amazing looking egg! Gosh I would love one like this for breakfast tomorrow. So dark yellow, just like the ones my grandmother had in the farm!!!


    See, Vanessa. Everybody's impressed. Me too.
    BTW, I think it's beyond cool to use your demitasse instead of "real" egg cups. (But who wouldn't want to acquire a little more cute kitchen clutter?)


    What a beautiful egg yolk!


    Gorgeous. I don't have cool egg cups...but I did buy some egg coddlers on ebay. Know how to coddle egges? It's really fun. Just scramble an egg plus whatever you want (salt, cheese, ham, scallions, whatever) and pour it in the coddler, then screw the top on and boil it. it comes out like a scrabled-hard-boiled egg. Mmm.


    Vanessa, this is the best soft-boiled egg picture I've ever seen :) Great job!


    this is a really fun food blog! i think you managed your toast and eggs quite elegantly given the circumstances. i'm liking the music suggestions too (only know - and love - buena vista so far)


    that yolky egg looks scrumptious!


    erin & kalyn—thanks. Utah chickens lay good eggs :)

    Kady—it just happens to be my luck with the roomies. Even my favorite ones were slobs in the kitchen. But immaculately clean bathrooms, thank god.

    dwight—i'm saying man, it's you, me, and derrick. the most stylin' and well fed house anywhere in the world!

    sara—thanks. isn't weird how we don't feel quite out of undergrad what with the living situation and general angst and all?

    mae—i hope you had a great breakfast! I enjoyed mine, however short-lived it was.

    bea—thanks for stopping by again! I really am a fan of farm fresh eggs. I will buy them and savor them when I can.

    cookiecrumb—i've been looking high and low for cool egg cups! I really wouldn't mind having them, either. But for now, the demis work :)

    Kat—thanks for hte compliment! honestly, the simplest things are the best.

    Kate—what a good idea! I'll have to give that a shot, I just bought some more eggs with the hopes of staking some space in the kitchen.

    Keiko—Thanks for stopping by and thanks very much for the compliment! I LOVE your photos and your blog.

    genevieve—thanks for visiting and for hte kind words. i love cooking to music and buena vista is a favorite.

    shaz—good to hear from you! hope you are doing well :)


    Go away for a few days and I miss all of your most wonderful posts - sheesh. I do not care for eggs, but your photo is (as always) gorgeous.

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