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    dwight very jealous...and so sad I am not one of the beautiful people....


    I've seriously got to get out more..


    I agree with Erin. You will have to tell us both more about this.


    heck yah! i love those kind of nights. about to have one of them tonight celebrating a friend's birthday. and i trust it will be over a LOT of wine:)


    Here's mud in your eye! Sounds like my kind of evening (I'm referring to the grappa, of course).


    hey that's my kind of a night!

    Lisa, formerly of In a Nutshell

    Vanessa--sounds wonderful. And your dinner with Kalyn and Erin sounds great too. I hope to be a part of it someday!


    Lovely way to spend any night. :) When you have amazing people with you, the wine tastes sweeter, the food tastes gourmet and it just turns a boring evening into something fantastic!


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