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    V-what a story! I admire your sense of adventure. Adventurous though my palate may be, I'm not sure I would've approached such a project with as much gusto as you did. Bravo! (Hope the korma made up for things.)

    dwight least you had the "balls" to eat the was the just waiting to be said...

    In the end, it's all protein, no? Only, some proteins make you salivate for more, while others make you imagine the life of a vegitarian...


    Ha ha ha! Very balled. I meant bold.


    Oh my G! Hats off to you Vanessa. I'm not so sure i could be as brave as you. You certainly have the "balls!".


    Vanessa, sounds like the balls you had weren't as delectable as the ones I ate a month or so ago at an upscale restaurant in SF. The ones I ate were unbelievably tender, quite similar in texture to sweetbreads or fried oysters. I suppose it's all in the skill of the cook who's cutting and cooking them...ahem, can we change the subject? Very fun read!


    That post was priceless! You are a brave soul! But it sounds like you picked the right group of people to try the "delicacy" with.

    Too funny!


    i am such a fan of your posts! i once saw a food network special about these rocky mountain oysters but missed the beginning - had no idea what they were talking about. funny.

    btw - thanks for your comment on my blog. i had to come back and ask you - WHERE did you have a ginger gimlet?? i love ginger, and the gimlet has been my mixed drink of choice ever since cosmos fell out of style (i still like those too but bartenders can be judgmental :)


    You're a brave woman. I've seen these on menus but never remotely thought of eating them. (BTW, I just spotlighted this post for Blogher.)


    errr? Bravo!


    That was hysterical and utterly gross at the same time! Thanks for sharing! And yeah, gonna join the pun wagon.. you're definitely more "ballsy" than I'll ever be. =)


    I would have been singing,
    "oh, I've got big balls
    I've got big balls
    and they're such big balls
    dirty big balls
    and he's got big balls
    and she's got big balls
    but we've got the biggest balls of them all!"

    Kids or no kids! Anyway, fabulous story!


    Fun post! When I was maybe 13, my family was invited to the annual wild game dinner hosted by a local professor / hunting enthusiast. I was adventurous food-wise even then and was game to try everything, including the something called "Rocky Mountain Oysters". But I DO, now, remember the sly grins on the faces of the in-the-know adults at the table.

    Interesting that we're largely so squeamish, however, over food-unfamiliar anatomy.


    Sara—yes, the korma helped. though all this week i've been downing spicy/pungent things lest one whiff of that bad taste come back.

    Dwight—true. though i can officially say this isn't one of those enticing bits of protein.

    cookiecrumb, mae, & sam—i surprise myself sometimes :)

    Brett—I read your post after my unfortuante experience, and I was very jealous indeed. Though, i think neither one of our experiences could possibly top Pete Schwety's Holiday Balls :)

    Ivonne—yeah, i could not have done it without them. could you imagine me saddling up to a table alone and ordering nachos with my "best of the bull?"

    genevieve—sometimes, i think ignorance is bliss. GINGER GIMLETS! I had one at a restaurant in town...Butterfly. Its first location is in San Francisco. Don't know if there is a place in your neck of the woods. But the place is a fusion cuisine joint, so there may be one lurking for you...

    kalyn—lol, thanks for letting more folks know what i put into my mouth!

    Lis—thanks for stopping by the blog...sorry it had to be under such gross circumstances.

    s'kat—sing, girl, sing!

    Alanna—sneaky adults! and yes, it's odd what we consider gross and not. i had someone REALLY overreact that i put such a thing in my mouth. i needed to remind her that viennese sausages are worse. gross.


    Wonderful post. I've always wondered about R.M.O. So they're not very good, huh? They look disgusting but I figured if people ate them they must be good. Hmm. Usually I love trying weird things but I think you've satisfied my curiosity. Thanks for saving me the trouble!


    This makes me think of the Alec Baldwin SNL sketches about his 'schweaty balls' and Chef's (South park) salty balls...which doesn't help at all.


    wow V, you never cease to amaze me. You're a stronger woman than I am..

    Atleast now you can say you've done it & didn't throw up on the salad bar lol


    you are one brave kid. i'm gonna change your blog title to she's brave:)
    i mean, i know there are worse things out there, but...not sure i could do it. love the pix:) you guys seem to have had a very fun night.




    sounds like fun!! but only when you think back. when you are about to pop them into your mouth, im sure fun is not on your mind


    WOW! and I thought your upcoming story about boobie/butt cookies was going to be exciting....


    Come on Vanessa, those of us in Wyoming eat RMO's on a monthly basis. If you come out this way in the next couple months, you can get them fresh. Castrated in the morning, skinned, flattened, breaded, fried and ready to serve for dinner.
    I'm glad you took the plunge. McGinty and I are so proud (since we missed serving them to you freshman year)


    Awesome story! "Blah testicles" had me rolling. I hope to give them a try sometime soon. Maybe.


    Where have you gone, oh Miss V?


    I am glad you chose not to include all the juicy information I found out from my dad and his friends about how the "balls" are procurred before they turn into rmo.


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