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    Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

    Great, thanks Vanessa! Nice to read your answers. I think you are right about the following a recipe topic. Better follow what your palate asks for!


    I have recipes to try filed in neat little files that I have moved from Utah to San Francisco to Utah to San Francisco and back to Utah again. I am afraid to look and see what is in there. If my husband finds out I am taking a whole drawer in his cabinet in his office with this it could be trouble. The stack of recipes that I have ripped out of magazines in the past five years measures about 5-6 inches. It is a tad bit smaller from recipes that I have tried and thrown out because a recipe has to score 8 or above in our house to have a repeat performance.


    Thank god...she's back...


    agree with dwight...good to see you back!


    Such fun to read about your recipe collecting habits! But I can't wait to hear sbout that lasagna!


    Great meme response!


    Nice work. I think I may take you up on that open call at the end...

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