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    Hi, I just tagged you for The Recipe Collection Meme.



    You could be like me...hungry all the time, but never really satisfied...


    i have a friend that eats with such gusto that i love having him over for dinner.

    i can't eat that way because i had a gastric bypass, but i love seeing him enjoy the food that i have prepared. :)


    Heh. Very nice indeed.


    Ha, that's great. And there is a total difference between sloppy and hearty:)

    Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

    That is super cool! :-) Makes us think about what our friends preferences are ;-)


    I love watching Frank eat. I guess that's a good sign huh?


    dwight—need i remind you that you live in london? :P i kid, i kid. i know there are plenty of good things. but appetite or libido, it jsut ain't clicking...

    barbie2be—i totally know what you mean. i really do enjoy watching people eat what i cook. it's a unique emotion, half selflessness, half selfishness.

    BNA—just an example of enthralling conversations to be had over the phone in traffic.

    Mona—amen. sloppy=bad. hearty=very very good :)

    Bea—ha, it's so true! sometime i feel so bad being out in a group and watching someone eat. it seems so personal and intimate. but then again, it's so out in the open, i can pass it off as mere observation...i try to anyway.

    Kalyn—yes, i would take that as a marvelous sign :) i'll get the recipe collection meme going soon, promise!


    You are absolutely right about the slobber. It's just not fun.


    maybe you've found something that has suppressed your appetite. for me it's sudoku


    This is so true! And I think the way one eats reflects the way one chooses to live. I once went out with a very picky eater. It never would have worked because I am more of a try nearly everything kind of a girl--at the table and in life--and he could never have been that open or adventurous.

    As for sloppy eaters--I find eating with truly sloppy eaters an uncomfortable experience. I'm nobody's Emily Post, but is it necessary to shovel things into one's mouth?

    Deb St-Claire

    Just found your blog! I have found that my food manners have changed recently. I'm always the first one done. What could that mean?


    That may explain a lot about which of my relationships did or didn't work out.


    Rorie—slobber...just say "no."

    John—yes, sudoku is an appetite suppressant. Though lately, I think it may be my friends 3-D game console.

    Tea—very true. if i ended up with a picky eater, chances are good that i would kill him.

    Deb St-Claire—you voracious girl, you!

    Sara—looking back on mine, I may be inclined to agree.


    haha that's hilarious!

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