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    Thanks for taking me on the trip with own 10 minute vacation. One day, my friend, you will take me to this fantastic place, and we will while the hours away doing nothing more than being blow away by the food and the scenery.....


    Wow, i've always wanted to go on a road trip! I can hardly do that here with the island being 9x5 miles! But then, i could always pretend and circle it a few times...

    On Reese's Peanut Butter cup, it is one of my fave and that biscuit, boy, i had an overload of it when i was in US. Couldn't have enough - still puzzles me why Americans call it biscuits [lol]. It's bread, no? While on the topic of biscuits, please would you mind passing me a recipe? Pleezzzz.

    Sounds like a fantastic time.


    Oh, Vanessa how I've missed your posts! You have completely piqued my desire to vacation in Utah - what a fabulous/delicious roadtrip! And wasabi Funyuns? Hello!


    Hey Vanessa. I made this trip with the girl gang too. Totally worth it. The falls were worth the jaunt in. Don't let anyone give you guff about the road trip junk food. I was wondering where the pringles were. On a road trip I do a can a day.


    God light! That's what I call it too, and I'm not even Goddy.
    What a fun trip. You are SO not eating local. ;)
    (Thanks for yanking the balls.)


    I wish I'd known about these restaurants when I was driving through Utah! Your entry makes me wanna jump in my car and head out West all over again. (Well that and law school). ;-)


    I love Funyuns - does that make me a bad person?? =)

    Thanks for the trip log. It looks like you had an awesome time!


    Sounds fabulous. We do live in a beautiful place don't we? I've had the famous pies, and they are surprisingly good.



    mae—ah yes, the great biscuit debate. i think what we call biscuits is very similar to scones in the UK...except without the fruit. what the UK calls biscuits, we've taken to calling cookies. b/c i think it sound better with Monster. and so did the folks at Sesame Street. Cookie Monster just rolls better off the tongue than Biscuit Monster :) A friend of mine has the cookbook with the Black Pepper Scone/Biscuit soon as I get it back, I"ll be sure to email to you!

    Rorie—it's always good to hear from you. It feels good to post again, but I feel like I haven't gotten the full blog experience b/c I haven't been able to catch up on all my favorite blogs. But y es, you must come to Utah someday to road trip like crazy.

    Christi—yeah, we were totally ready to break all manner of Slow Food rules :)

    cookiecrumb—I, too, am not Goddy. Ha! But the description fits.

    Sara—you know the option is always there :)

    Christiane—Not at all. I have a soft spot for Cheetos. But don't tell anybody.

    Kalyn—i was really surprised by the pies. one of the gals i took the trip with went back south last weekend and as soon as she got back she delivered a slice of the pinto bean. i was in heaven.


    oh, great! i will have plenty of sleepless night [tossing and turning] waiting for the recipe. But it will be worth it. Just hurry, woman! lol.

    Thanks x

    With that great and better explanation, [how it sounds better with the Monster and how i didn't even think of it that way - so silly me!] biscuit it is then.


    Vanessa, what an incredibly fun trip and beautiful post. I am looking forward to a road trip and weekend with friends in a few weeks. This post is just getting me more excited. I'm afraid Charlottesville doesn't have nearly the amount of geological beauty as Boulder, UT but it should still be a good time:) I love the last paragraph. Isn't it sad when you have to head home? And the weekend you've looked forward to for so long is just a memory?


    Nice looking feet.


    First blog I have found that had found Boulder and Hell's Backbone Grill. I've been going out there for 4 or 5 years now, originally to see what Bill Clinton preserved so well that Dubya couldn't fuck up. Probably the best thing Bill Clinton ever did. I'mlistening to Neil Young's "America the Beautiful" which seems so appropriate. The land is so wonderful it has drawn me out. But now, I think I go out to see Blake and Jen and Lavinia (blake's sister) and lounge at the Grill as much as I do to explore he Escalante.


    My hiking buddies and I (6 of us) had dinner at Hell's Backbone Grill on Friday 4/11.
    I must say this was probably the worst dining experience of my life.

    First, the waiter came over and brought of some bread and water. Then when I asked for another basket of bread, he had the audacity to try to charge $3.00 for bread that wasn't very good in the first place.

    Next, the server was extremely poor. Reason, probably because you tack ad 18% gratuity for parties of 6 or more so her had no reason to work for a tip. He certainly gave the table of 2 great service. Very smug.

    Third, we met a couple on the trail that day and they did not have very good reviews about the food, so we all ordered $23.00 meat loaf (yes $23.00)
    Now you would think that $23.00 meat loaf would come with soup or salad, but no that was extra. Not only extra but the small plate of lettuce and disgusting salad dressing was $8.00. (All this and no extra basket of bread)

    Bottom line is, we spent $45.00 per person which was probably worth about $15.00 at the most and left there extremely dissatisfied.


    Sort of found this site, like I sort of found Blake and Jen's place 5 or 6 years ago. I have gone out west, from Ky., at least once a year for decades. H'sBG is one of the places I stop at, with only weather preventing it. The last two Christmases I went out, thinking to stop at Boulder, boulder wa ssnowed in one year and the next I got snowed into Albuquerque. I went for the scenic beauty and hiking and evenings at the resreurant. Now its for evenings at the resteurant and hiking in between.It is one of the greatest places, along with the Montery Inn (rt66 motel), Herbs Etc., the Herb Store, Martha's Body Bueno (now only one the internet), and Monroe Resteurant in N.M. and Winter Sun in Flagstaff, and Tsakurshovi at Hopi, Boulder and Hell's Backbone Grill and Hell's Backbone in the Escalante makes a great 2-3 week vacation. Interspersed with lots of other sites.
    If it weren't for other friends out there expecting me to visit them with things they have for me to do, I'd be happy to stay in Boulder a lot longer. Y'all come out. Thanks.

    Deborah Allred

    You're so full of it......The Tip Top has & never was a nudy bar. I don't know where you got your info or if you decided to create a dramatic picture of your adventure but I call that slander.


    Hi Deborah, my brief mention of the bar was and is, I would hope, not slanderous. If that is the case, then I must correct the gentlemen who recalled to me their experiences and descriptions of that locale. As was the case, my party and I had no plans on stopping in town and as the passage suggested we saw and then pointed out the venue and men with their anecdotes. Given the purpose of our trip, we did not see a need to check the place out. But if this old post is in error, thanks for pointing it out.

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