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    Well, now you've done it. Get your ass to San Diego and bring me that tart. Plum galette will be waiting. May sucked for me too, my friend - I raise my glass in solidarity.


    Well, damn, this looks yummy. Sorry to hear you've had a shitty month, I hope June has been better for ya.

    I'm learning that Hot and Sour soup makes everything better.. just sayin'.


    Isn't it great to see a bad month come to an end? This looks gorgeous, Vanessa, and your cheeky recipe instructions never fail to crack me up. I hope June is everything that May wasn't. And I'm with Erin, Hot & Sour Soup can right a huge pile of wrong.


    I do agree completely. Hot & Sour Soup for the Soul... many a times it had helped me. I think everybody gets a bad month out of a year - in your case it's May [it's shite i know]. I hope everything turns out well for the rest of the year for you my dear. Have missed your entries!

    Oh, and i could do with a pice of that asparagus tart right now.


    Sorry your month was so wretched. But this? This looks absolutely fantastic!


    Cheers to seeing a crappy month go by...

    To knowing that others suffered with you...

    and to the sliver of hope that this new month brings much better things along...

    Also, maybe it's time to dig into some tequila cupcakes....I'm just saying...

    Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

    Hope June will make May be forgotten, quickly! This tart is a great transition to it!!!


    Brilliant. Since asparagus is cheap right now (at least in Southern CA) I will have to try that out next week. Ooooh, or maybe I could make tartlets? I'm sorry to hear things have been rough for you. Hope the asparagus tart cheered you up at least for a night!


    From the worst of times comes the best art. Your tart looks and sounds unbelievably delicious and those are some gorgeous pictures.


    food is the best therapy


    yay! you're back! I agree that May was a crappy, crappy month.

    Here's to happier summer!


    May really should have been dragged out back and shot.

    Ahem. Lovely tart.

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