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    SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!It's HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!


    Very cool. I guess my kitchen is kind of orange too. (Ok, some would say peach or even rust, but let's go with orange.) I'm happy for you that you're getting your own kitchen. Kitchens are hard to share, unless it's with someone you also like to have sex with, and then I hear it can be done.


    Oh my but that kalyn is funny! And a little wrong, despite our happy sex life, I hate hate hate sharing my kitchen with Matt! Oh, but I digress .... happy new orange kitchen - can't wait to see the culinary masterpieces that emerge from within!


    Congrats! A kitchen of your very own, that's wonderful news. I'm on the hunt for a better kitchen myself, so hopefully I will not be long behind you. Happy (kitchen) independence day!


    Congratulations! the world has been waiting for this day. more yummy food!


    I'm excited too, Vanessa! Robust orange must look great, can't wait to see it.

    okra winfrey

    Cranky and I just pulled ourselves up off the (orange) tiled floor of our kitchen (it's our anniversary; romance is in the air and on the tiles) long enough to wish you HAPPY KITCHEN!
    I must say, you deserve it.
    Have a good move.


    Congratulations Vanessa! The colour sounds beautiful. My kitchen is painted chocolate brown (it's actually matched to louis vuitton brown - sad i know! But it was fun and i still love it) with plain pearly-ish white fittings...

    I can't wait to see some pictures. Have fun packing, moving, painting and soon cooking!


    Aw man, I want an orange kitchen! But I'm pleased that you will be taking possession of one.


    hey, take a photo to show us. My kitchen's covered in pink mosaic.


    lol. Kalyn and Rorie are too funny.

    Congrats on moving (I'm assuming the new kitchen is in a new place)! Enjoy having a kitchen all to yourself!

    PS. Orange is a GREAT color!


    My kitchen is "rapture red" and given that I'm not expecting the whole "left behind" scenario to happen, I'm now happy to know it's the *other* kind of rapture being spoken of.

    We want before and after pictures!


    Orange? Hmmm... I like the idea but I wonder if I could live with it. I prefer the idea of tropical lime, personally.

    Good luck with packing and unpacking. A new, big kitchen is always welcome to a foodie. :D


    Hey Ms. V...I am waiting for you to come back...:)

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