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    Well, even if you have been absent from the blogosphere, it sounds like you had a great summer. Welcome back.


    Hey, welcome back. We need to do dinner in a few weeks when my life calms down.


    LOL! Great minds think alike. I've comforted myself plenty a night with pasta with sausage and broccoli rabe. In fact it was the inaugural meal in my new apt.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere! We've missed you!

    Bea at La Tartine Gourmande

    Ah welcome back, what a summer indeed! Plentiful!


    Oh my! Are all the men you know so handsome?
    And why didn't you tell me you'd be in the Bay Area?
    Ah, well.
    I love your recipe writing style. I am making it a project to congratulate every blogger who writes casual how-to recipes.
    And welcome back. You had a good summer.


    Hey missy...glad to her the summer was food-packed and, in my eyes, quite fun-filled. Only wish I could have joined you for some if it!


    Hi Vanessa, sounds and looks like a fun packed summer. Better to be out and about than just painting, i'd say...

    Wow. 16 people for dinner [including you]. I've only ever managed a sit down 3 course for 13 [including me] and it was exhausting and that was donks ago.

    Baking and Books

    Sounds like you had quite a summer! Maybe you didn't get enough sangria, but it was definately more adventurous than my summer. :)


    Okay, now that you're back, give you're old friend a call!


    Crap, can't spell... serves me right for not concentrating on my econ midterm :) MISS YOU!


    You are amazing & your summer was amazing & your life is amazing. Please adopt me immediately.


    adrienne—it's good to be back.

    kalyn-call me when you are ready and we will track down erin, too.

    sara-we certainly do. especially when it comes to sausage. it's a no brainer.

    Bea-thanks for visiting. There's some nice inspiration I've gotten from your plentiful blog!

    Cookiecrumb-handsome? don't tell any of them that :)

    wigetz-so when are we moving?!?

    Mae-the night is still a blur. but a happy one. luckily these folks were mighty patient.

    Baking and Books-thanks for visiting, i love discovering new blogs!

    Derrick-i got your message. needless to say t hings are crazy here. will call you during hte weekend.

    Rorie-amazing or tumultuous, however you look at it! so good ot hear from you, hope you are enjoying every moment of your autumn!


    Talk about a killer summer, no wonder there's been no blogging!


    hey girlio...sooner than you think...I'll be stateside on Oct. 1....;)


    Summer looked delicious.


    Wow. Great Summer and bowl of pasta.


    Welcome back! Glad to hear you had a great summer.

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