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    YAY. She's back! At least she writes, since she doesn't return phone calls. ;)


    yay!! you ARE back! :) Gorgeous pictures as always girl.


    yay! also glad to see you back. your post was a nice respite from an otherwise cold and frustrating day in MN. looks like you're doing well. (at least on the food front).


    Yay! [sorry, i felt like joining in :)] you're back.

    Great photos! I know i always say this but i really love your writing style.

    I really like the sound of that Farmstead Cheese Flan...


    Beautiful Post! It is nice to be reminded of what we have right here in our own backyard. I would love to head up there sometime. Do they give tours?

    Ari (Baking and Books)

    I love it when posts have so many photos! I sometimes feel down at this time of year too, but I usually combat the lethargy with caffeine!


    Really beautiful photos as always, Vanessa... I'm glad you had a lovely time.


    "I want you back, I want you want you baaacckkk...."


    thinkin' 'bout cha.....hope all's well....


    Get off your butt and start writing again, for God's sake. See you on the 10th.

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