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    You're back!...and you brought ice cream!

    I had almost given up hope...I'm so delighted. And sexy photos, oh yes.

    Can't wait.


    Yes, it's horribly hot isn't it? But the ice cream photos look great. Welcome back.


    YAY! Glad to see you're back...and the photos are stunning.


    Tea—I'm so happy to be back. I never thought I'd miss the blog so much. But I suppose I'm addicted now.

    Kalyn—Good to be back. So bloody hot. I don't know how gardeners do it. I say you deserve many a cocktail.

    Traca—Thanks for checking in :) I was wondering if anyone bothered to stop by at all, I appreciate the comment!


    You have no idea how long I've been waiting for you to come back!! I'm so happy!!

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