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    I wonder why the color becomes so brown. Is it because the insides are exposed to air (like how potatoes and apples turn brown quickly? Looks great though. Thanks for posting. Also, what is the definition of a granita?


    I'm with you, a good apricot IS hard to find. But, like true love, they do exist. I've found a first generation Japanese farmer here in Seattle who grows amazing apricots. I've not really eaten apricots much the past few years (I'd buy one or two a year, then grow discouraged and give up--and this at the SF farmers' market, even), but today I bought a two pound bag! Hold out for the good ones, they do exist (though mighty rare, I must say).


    What a nice and different way to enjoy fresh apricots. I've only had them a couple times fresh, but enjoy them all the time as dried fruit.


    Hillary—I do suspect a lack of citric acid let the color mute to a pumpkin/sweet potato hue. But the flavor is still very apricot. As for a granita definition, I think of it as a base flavor (fruit puree, coffee, etc.) combined with a simple syrup, frozen in a dish that's periodically agitated to create these lovely ice crystals. But my new lazy way seems to work just fine and is good for aggression, too.

    Tea-Thanks for the optimism. I'm holding out to find luscious apricots and the true love :)

    Joe-It's a new way for me, too. I adore dried apricots so to enjoy the flavor in a new texture was a pleasant surprise.

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