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    New banner looks great! And I have a new computer (very snazzy) and all the food blogs look so great on my new monitor. This recipe looks fantastic. I just got a cookbook by Lorna Sass called "Whole Grains, Every Day, Every Way" which talks a lot about Farro. Can't wait to try it myself.


    Haha, "Oh, and bacon...I could never give up bacon." Love how you snuck that in there. Farro salad looks great - do you eat it as the main dish or a side?

    Kevin at TasteTV

    Farro should be used in a lot more dishes at home, not just at restaurants


    I am newly in love with farro--so good!


    Niente carne... il mio cuore è triste.
    Domani: spaghetti al pomodoro, costata alla brace, e per finire un bellissimo tiramisù.
    Il tutto alla salute dei vegani.


    hi Vanessa, thanks for visiting my blog.
    I just went berserk at the health food store last week, and have been staring undecisively at a bag of farro ever since. I think after this I´ll take the plunge, it looks great.


    I've been looking all over for Farro and can't find it anywhere! It's encouraging to hear you find it easily, I'll have to keep searching!


    We would like to feature your recipe on our blog. Please email [email protected] if interested. Thanks :)


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