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    I'm feeling a little under the weather myself and this soup sounds lovely!

    I'm curious, in your info section it says you're from salt lake, is that still the case? I'm from salt lake myself and I'd like to know where you got all the lovely ingredients to make this dish. Will you share your secret? :)


    Jen (Matsumura)

    Hi, V!!!

    WOW!! You're amazing... as you always have been! Your photography is incredible, and so yummy!

    I've wondered how you're doing and it's so wonderful so see a bit of what you are accomplishing. I am in awe of it all! I found your blog through Brekke's, I hope you don't mind.

    I love your "About" section - I thought of my memories of you, and it was your wit, smile, and laugh that first came to mind.

    Miss you, hugs!!!


    Indeed sam gye tang is the perfect soup for what ails you.

    Also, I think it is next to impossible to impart a new food ethic to Korean parents. God knows, I've tried. Then again, they're already better than most considering that they all love to garden.


    Ciao bella, come stai?
    Dall'aspetto sembra buono, anche se sul ripieno avrei un qualcosa da obiettare, but i love garlic.
    Tanti auguri di buone festività a te ed ai tuoi cari.


    What a gorgeous post! The soup and the photos (!!!) and the story.

    Now, where can I get myself one of those Korean mothers...?


    Very cozy, looks delicious. Like Tea says, where can I get me a mom like that?


    Sounds like another soup I'd like to make to warm me up in this cold weather!


    Ciao, come stai?
    Se non ti sbrighi a postare, il pollo resuscita!
    Buona serata.



    Fellow Utah writer and Slow Food Blogger here. I also met you at a media dinner at Stien Erickson, I believe. I love reading your blog!

    Check out my blog. I've got several stories about local food artisans and some local food adventures too.

    Take Care,
    Jenie S.

    Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet

    This looks like a delicious take on a traditional dish. And as someone in the final (fingers crossed) throes of a lingering cold, it sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Beautiful, healthy, and original.

    Erin @ The Skinny Gourmet

    Beautiful food and tasty recipe (as usual).

    I don't know if this is up your alley (and I wasn't sure it was my style to begin with) but for what it is worth, I've tapped you as an outstanding blog that I admire.


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