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    When did this feast occur?! And how does one get an invite to such a feast....

    cathie arquilla

    I'm making that marinade this weekend! Will probably have to settle for pig ribs, however.


    Holy cow. I mean--goat.


    This image reminds me of the raw chicken dish Trey just posted on FB. OIY! LOVE raw meat!


    sounds delicious....i love goat's meat....uphere in U.S. I'm wondering which site offers the best of my friend introduced me to a great site where my search ends.


    Dwight -- Consider yourself invited to Pig Fest 2009.

    Cathie--Hope the recipe turned out!

    Lindsey -- Baaaa!

    Khanh -- Let's not correlate Trey's chicken sashimi with this sacred (and hygenic) flesh. Hope he's feeling better!

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