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    Spring in a snow globe. Love it. You are quotable! Thanks for your always-lovely posts, V.


    That looks amazing! I'm hungry. :)


    I have to confess that I was never too impressed with your Tribune restaurant reviews, but your blog is absolutely marvelous! You bring the material alive in a eloquent, mouthwatering way. Your zeal for food shines through. Don't know if you can reproduce the style of these musings in your Trib articles, but you oughta try! Great stuff! Looking forward to reading much more...

    I think your trib work is lovely -- and your blog work moreso. Just write and ignore the peanut gallery.

    DeAnn Tilton

    Just stumbled on this blog and I guess into an alternate universe because an hour has blown by in a matter of minutes. I'm a bit overwhelmed about where to start. So many things I want to try now.

    New Year's 2008, my resolution was to learn to cook 6 dishes over the year. I wanted to learn my way (finally) around the kitchen. I was up to 9 or so before finding your blog. I'm gonna take a few deep breaths now and remember it's all here- no need to scramble and scratch it all down at once. So much to try, so little time... good thing I've figured out to make time for good food.


    Sounds so delish! Congrats on being one of the food blogs recognized by Ted Scheffler of City Weekly. Yeah!


    Virginia -- Spring in a snow globe is how it all feels lately. Thanks for reading :)

    Cass -- Glad to hear you have an appetite!

    Stephen -- Thanks for reading/visiting. Not too many folks on the ol' blog know about the day job. As with any other gig, has its ups and downs. The blog is definitely a luxury for me. Hope to see you around.

    Francis -- Gracias for the feedback. And yes, am still writing as we speak.

    DeAnn -- oh the resolutions ... think of it in baby steps. Appetite as your guide. Bread one weekend. Soup another. Cooking always saves us money in the end. Tastes good, too.

    SC -- thanks! Cool to see Ted mentioning the blogs out there. He and I had a conversation once about online media.

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