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    Wow! Thanks. I'm gonna try this one out.


    Thank you, thank you for this idea! I was in the process of making Labneh for a community potluck. We produce home grown olive oil and I milk our Dexter cows, which makes awesome yogurt. The first time that I made labneh, I used cheesecloth and it stuck to the cloth too much. I was just searching for something else to strain it with and I happened upon your entry. I'm going to try it!


    Plain white handkerchief, anyone?


    Is the salt required? If it is, what does it do? If not, what does it do to the flavor?


    I've made it without the salt, but I like it for the flavor since I tend to use rather tangy yogurt. Less tangy yogurts fare just as well -- a bit more savory.


    Making yogurt is very quick, simple and fun. A gallon of milk costs me $2.99. I get a lot more yogurt and economize.

    There are lots of recipes for making yogurt online. You don't even have to have a yogurt maker, it can be made with simple household items.

    You can replicate the flavor of your favorite plain yogurt by using part of a container of your usual brand as your starter. Then just keep some starter from every fresh batch.


    I like to use the drained whey to thin batters, dressings, etc. You can also use it as part of the liquid in mixes calling for milk.


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