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    Lauren Watson Mauery

    *wiping drool off keyboard*
    I've only done Settebello and Takashi on your list, Vanessa, but I'm already planning our dinners out when we hit SLC again. Thanks for the list!


    Have I mentioned that I LOVE your blog? I shall now plan to visit all the places on your list, with or without my meat-and-potatoes-loving husband.


    Wow. Now I really want to come visit! I clearly didn't get to see this side of Salt Lake last time I was there!

    Mark Harris

    Thank you for giving us idea through your blog! Soon my family and I will leave for Utah. We will surely drop at the place.

    Karen Gonzalez

    We are the same, I often tell my baffled out-of-state friends to think of SLC (all cities seem to have a hip or diminutive moniker, NYC, Sac-Town, Philly...) as a Chicago.


    Dundee Utd, Hibs, Hearts, Aberdeen and possibly Motherwell will slug it out for the dubious honor of representing Scotland in a qualifier for whatever the hell UEFA decide to name the next year, and theyll embarrass themselves and the rest of us by failing miserably against some Macedonian team that we would naturally arrogantly assume are rubbish.
    But Egypt's new leadership appeared to be pushing ahead with the "road map" the military set up for the post-Morsi political system. Negotiations have been ongoing over appointing a prime minister, who will hold the main powers in governing the country. Talks have been stalled by Al-Nour Party vetos of candidates from liberal and secular factions but if the party drops out, those factions may push through a candidate.
    When the Europa League Final kicks off on May 15, don't be surprised to see supporters wearing some unique-looking jerseys in London pubs and Lisbon bars. The only things the shirts seem to be missing are side pockets for a pint of beer and a Pukka Pie. Check out the Performance Jersey page at or check out Hankook Tires YouTube page at
    In all the hoopla currently surrounding Allardyce, or Allardici if you prefer, there’s been much made of his one-eyed arrogance. The turgidly?’practical’ football.?The?bloated ego. The brazen?sense of indignation at being overlooked by , , , the US Presidency?and who knows what else.??

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