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    And yes, there is nothing worse than overcooked corn on the cob. My grandma boils it for 20 minutes. Ugh!


    Damn! Truffle butter and champagne...that's definitely kicking things up a notch. Lately I've been enjoying mine with a little chili lime butter. Delicious.


    We bought a dozen ears at the market on Sat. Too much corn for 2 people though! I am going to freeze some tonight. Love all of your ideas!


    On the streets in LA the Hispanic vendors sell it with mayo and chili pepper! My husband salivates thinking about it.


    All those toppings sound delish, but I love freshly picked corn that has been cooked just the right amount of time with no topping at all. It has a certain sweetness that needs no embellishment. I miss Queen Anne corn from Maryland roadside stands.


    Corn on the cob IS summer to me, too. It's part of the best summer meal ever when you get that first garden meal: corn, green beans, BLTs with fresh tomatoes.

    This guacamole idea intrigues me...

    cathie arquilla

    Isn't there a song from South Pacific, "I'm as corny and Kansas in August..."


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