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    This sounds great to me. I love radishes, such an under appreciated vegetable.


    yummy! i never bothered learning how to make korean food until sometime in law school. and i'm sadly self-taught. my mom is a phenomenal cook but she's not the most patient teacher and she doesn't ever follow a recipe. she wings everything. i've been picking up a few recipes here and there (and have found some pretty good korean cookbooks in english) but i still feel most comfortable eating and preparing italian or mexican food.


    Like you, I learned to cook mostly Mediterranean food, but it's been too long since I've had a consistent taste of mom's Korean cooking. My taste buds have been underwhelmed by subtle flavors and I want a regular full on assault of my olfactory senses. Crushed chili flakes, pimenton, and anchovies aren't cutting it anymore.

    So now I'm jumping whole hog into cooking my ancestral cuisine. I'm mostly going by trial and error and so far it's been a blast trying to cook food from memory rather than by recipe, sometimes leading to comical results. Of course, the soups and stews are the easiest to get right. Next up: spicy pickled raw crab.

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