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    I'm always amazed that SLC has so many good restaurants, but let's not tell people, it's getting too crowded here!

    Rod Schiffman

    Vanessa, you have to take Brugge Waffles on it's own terms. Generally, one guy doing the main cooking. It's done to order. Yea, it takes a while, especially when busy. It's one major reason why the frites are so much better than fries at the Crown. Outside of a some food stalls at the jma el fna in Marrakesh, Brugge (the real Brugge) has the best frites anywhere. The ones at Brugge waffles are 95% of the real thing. The waffles are 120% of the real thing. Generally, in Brugge, the waffles are sold already half dunked in a chocolate/fruit sauce and already cooled. They are sold as a sweet treat. They are more cake like and use the special type of sugar -- the same as the Liege waffles at Brugge waffles. Whether you like it, or don't like it, it is the real thing. The space is more similar to waffle and frites shoppes in Amsterdam than Brugge, but it feels like the real thing. We are fortunate to have it.


    Rod, agreed, we are lucky to have it. And I understand the concept of waiting for quality. However, what I refer to are the times I frequent it (I do go often since I do love the frites), I have had my order forgotten on two occasions and then looked over so that the two people who ordered after me got their frites first.

    The waffles are what they are. They might be authentic, but I enjoy them as a rare treat, particularly in this summer heat. Again, personal page, personal opinion. Regardless of what you or I have to say, people will go and have their own experiences. Happy eating.

    Becky O.

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