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    Hmm, I'm jealous. My omelets always turn into scrambled eggs. I love your dishes!

    Rocky Mountain Woman

    Sunday mornings are my only time to make a real breakfast and I usually plan something really exotic and then settle on a omelet because they are my favorite breakfast food of all time!

    Then I make a vanilla latte and watch "old people news" (CBS Sunday Morning).

    Lovely photos!

    recipe club

    This breakfast looks so fantastic but I have hit and miss luck with omelets. Perhaps this blog post plus advice from my recipe club will give me courage enough to try again this Sunday. Often, I give up and have scrambled eggs like the previous poster.



    Thanks for the omlete instructions. For some reason, omletes have always intimidated me. I'll go give them another try!

    Virginia Osborne

    I've had success here and there with omelets and have even submitted a few to recipe contests -- I haven't made one in a while as I've not had a lazy Sunday to indulge, but the next free day of the weekend I have, I'll definitely be using this blog post as inspiration.
    Virginia O


    Yummy! I just made the pancakes! Ooo sooo good!


    I'm so glad it turned out, TiaG!


    Delicious! Love your pics, too!

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