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    Mark Benson

    Mmmmm... I love to do this as well. My version calls for lemon zest and juice, along with rosemary... Mmmmmm

    Rocky Mountain Woman

    Ah..what a brilliant idea! I've made balsamic syrup to drizzle over shitty tomatoes (not bad, especially if you roast them first), but never thought to try it on shitty strawberries....


    Thanks for the ideas! I'm still just floored sometimes at the label laws in this country and how they can get away with calling wine vinegar with grape must "balsamic" vinegar. If only more people knew. And about the strawberries...during my little jam excursion with Liz Butcher from Butcher's Bunches, not even her skill/magic could save my crappy strawberries that I brought from Costco. I'll be looking out for the next piece of produce you try to salvage.

    Kevi Suter

    over the years i've found myself saying, "I don't like strawberries". But you nailed's because it's so hard to find decent ones, so I don't even try anymore.

    I just turn the chocolate aisle.


    Mark - Wow, I'll have to try more aromatics one of these days, though I am a sucker for basil or tarragon with the berries. The anise makes the berries pop, even when they're pretty shitty.

    Rocky Mountain Woman - Give it a shot and let me know what you think :)

    Mike - It's on its way...lots of shitty produce lately!

    Kevi - I don't blame you. It's a wonderful place to find solace. If you like chocolate, you'll have to stay tuned. I'm a chocolate freak - teach classes and all - and plan on featuring bars I come across in my "research."


    As wrong as it sounds when I do this I add a little black pepper. So good.


    Sonya - Not wrong at all.

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