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    Sounds delicious, but I would point out that Top Gear wasn't mentioned once in the post, despite being part of the title.


    I'm right there with you on this mac 'n cheese bit except I think I can still eat the whole thing. And love the doctoring up tricks.


    Scott - Sorry to disappoint. It was intended that I watch Top Gear, whilst I snarf down the box :)

    Jaclyn - I came damn near close to eating the whole thing last night!


    I've heard good things about the Annie's Mac-n-Cheese. May have to give it a try!


    I always put garlic powder. My mom used garlic salt and never added the butter or the milk. My cousin wouldn't eat it because his mom made it the other way. Usually when I am sick nothing else will do, not even home made mac and cheese.

    justin crawmer

    I always undercook the pasta and overmilk the cheese ("cheese"). I like it firm and runny. Half a shaker of black pepper is all I need.


    I always undercook, always use good butter and milk, and I've totally done coconut milk with the Worcestershire! We should eat the mac at our next get together. Oh. my. Gosh! We should totally have a mac fest. BOOYAH!


    Brilliant idea, Carrian, it's on!


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